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Meet more people

Meet more people

People come to events to network and Cnvrge makes it incredibly easy to meet lots of new people. Cnvrge events engage everyone who attends.

Ditch the business cards

Ditch the business cards

Participants will receive an email digest listing all the people they met. This provides a safety net for those who might have forgotten their business cards.

Organizers add huge value

Organizers add huge value

Cnvrge turns a typical social event into a high energy meeting-fest. People leave happy, and that means they’ll come back for more.



Cnvrge makes it incredibly easy and painless to meet 10-15 new people per hour. Here's how:

Check in: When you arrive, simply text your name to the phone number provided by the organizer. From there you'll be prompted for an email and a short bio.

Receive meeting info: Once the organizer kicks off the event, you'll get a text message with a location and the name and bio of the person you'll be meeting.

Repeat: Every 5-10 minutes you (along with all the participants) will receive a text with the next person to meet and the next location to go to.

That's a Wrap: When the event is over you'll get an email with the names, emails and short bios of all the people you met, including the location and round.


Cnvrge lets you supercharge your event with virtually no additional work. Here's how:

Set up: You can get your event set up in under 30 seconds by simply naming the event and setting a few meeting locations.

Start the Event: After a few people have checked in via SMS you can start the Cnvrge matchup rounds.

Monitor and Circulate: As the organizer, you have a birds eye view of where all the participants should be, who is meeting who and who is not in the current round. Circulate to ensure everyone is engaged and help people get to where they need to be.

Pause or End: At any time you can either pause the Cnvrge rounds for an announcement, or you can simply end the event. Participants will receive a SMS with your custom message.

Post-Event Analysis: After the event, you'll be able to download a CSV that lists all the participants and all the meetings they had so you can see exactly what happened during the event.

For organizers
Yes! Cnvrge is totally dynamic so participants who arrive early can get started (with as few as 4 participants) and late comers can easily check in and get cycled into the next round.
Just text “out” and you’ll be out of the active pool for subsequent rounds. Want to get back in? Text “in” and wait for the next text to tell you who to meet.
No problem. All participants who provide their email will get an email digest listing all the people they met, including name, bio, email, and the location and the meeting number in which they met. This provides a safety net for those who might have forgotten their business cards.
No one is the "odd person out". Everyone gets a meeting, even if there are an odd number of people. Extras are directed to join an existing 2 person meeting – specifically someone they haven’t yet met - to 'complete the trifecta'.
You can still participate in a Cnvrge event even if you don't send your email when you check in. Cnvrge will never spam or sell your info. In fact, all history of the event is deleted shortly after the event ends to maintain your privacy.
You’ve managed to get a lot of people to come to your event. Most people have come to meet new people, pitch their ideas, gain business contacts, but the majority of them will leave having met only a few new people. Cnvrge turns a typical social event into a high energy meeting-fest. People leave happy, and that means they’ll come back for more.
Cnvrge lets you run an effective networking event anywhere without the need for timers and lots of furniture. Since it's all run via SMS, anyone with a cell phone can participate and all the organizer needs is internet access.
In about 60 seconds you can set everything up via the mobile-friendly website on your phone.
Based on other events, about 6 or 7 minutes is the ideal amount of time to allow attendees to receive the text message, make their way to the location and then introduce themselves to their partner for that round and have a productive conversation.
Locations for meetings should simply be descriptive places to meet in your venue. The eastiest way to handle this is to write "Location 1", "2", "3" etc on paper and put them on tables or tape them up on the walls. If your venue is a bar or restaurant you can say "At the bar" or "Next to the piano". Whatever works for your venue.
You can tap "Pause" and even include a custom message that will be texted to all participants. This is an easy way to make a helpful announcement about, say, the location of the afterparty or a website.
As the organizer, you’ll receive an email with a full list of names, bios and emails of everyone who checked in along with all of their meeting info.

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